MVP 3D Mink Magnet Eyelash Kit

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Our MVP 3D mink magnet Lashes are the perfect finish to any look. These luxurious eyelash extensions come with 3 different lash styles which include wispy, volume, and cat eye!  Easy application for that extra umph you need to conquer the day. 


1. Shake the magnet eyeliner bottle before every use (this is important).

2. Apply magnetic eyeliner 2-3 times to enhance the magnet to the upper lid. Allow to drying for 1-2 minutes.

3. Remove the magnetic eyelashes from the storage box.

4. Gently lay lashes on the top of your natural eyelashes. Start from the inner corner, allow the lash to adhere to the magnetic eyeliner. then gently to the middle and to the end.

5. When you’re happy with the placement, press on the lashes gently to set.

Your lashes are perfect and The MVP!